The Palestinian “Tent of Nations” Controversy

Rich Stearns, president of Christian relief organization World Vision had spent a memorable meal with Palestinian Christians and 30 American pastors and church leaders in a cave west of Bethlehem. After the half mile hike to reach his destination at the top of a hillside, he was greeted by a sign that read, “We refuse to be enemies.”

The West Bank section of land where this Christian gathering took place is a mere 100 acres. However, its Palestinian residents, the Nassars have turned their property into an touch point for demonstrating to evangelical American Christians how unfairly Palestinian Christians are being treated by Israelis.

Here is a video made three weeks ago by Porter Speakman Jr, director of pro-Palestinian Christian film With God on Our Side about Nassar family. This video was recently aired at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference at Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem.

The Nassars claim they have owned the land since 1916, and according to international law, the territory does not belong to Israel, but to the Nassar family. Currently, according to World Vision President Stearns, the parcel of land is surrounded by 50,000 Israeli settlers, “living on similar land confiscated from other Palestinian families.”

The Nassar family remain in a cave because, according to Daoud Nassar, the Israeli government has prohibited them from building structures on the land.

To demonstrate the unfairness of the Israeli government to Palestinian settlers, Stearns reminds readers of his blog, how difficult it was to scale the hill due to the barricades the Jewish government positioned to close off the only access road the Nassar family has to their own property.

The History of the Nassar Controversy

Gush Etzion

In the World Vision post, Stearns points to 1991 as the time the Israeli government gave notice that they would annex the Nassar land as part of their plan to expand the neighboring Israeli Gush Etzion settlement. In other words, while Israel recognizes the family’s property rights to some of the land, about half of the acreage is declared “state land.”

The controversy rages around the Israeli law that states Palestinian land that cannot be legally documented back to the Ottoman Empire (The Turks) which would be pre-1917, can be confiscated. If a Palestinian family on the West Bank has lived on a parcel of land for “centuries,” says Stearns, and they lack proper documentation required to prove ownership of the land, the family will be booted out.

In 2002 the Nassar family, according to the Israeli newspaper HaAretz, appealed the 1991 decision, but was rejected even though “reliable proof was presented that the land was cultivated for decades”.


Nassar’s proof consisted of copies of land registration documents from the 1920s that bear the official stamp of the Israeli civil administration. The land was purchased by Nassar’s Lebanese grandfather in 1916.

According to CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) the military judge ruling in the trial rejected the challenge by Nassar refusing to accept a hand-drawn map as evidence.

Another issue with Nassar’s papers is the claim they had been honored by the Turkish, British and Jordanian rulers prior to Israel’s rule. Turkish or Ottoman rule ended in 1917, when the British conquered the entire region, By 1924 the area had already been under British rule for seven years. So the Turks could not have honored the Nassar’s 1924 ownership papers since they were not ruling at that time.

Shaul Goldstein, mayor of Gush Etzion, views the Nassar’s claim as another last ditch effort by Arabs to stymie the Jewish settlement effort. Goldstein believes the disputed land has been declared state land and can be developed at the discretion of the Gush Etzion regional council.

Regarding the road built on Nassar’s property, Goldstein says that road did not infringe on Nassar’s property. Rather, the passageway carved up the hillside in the area that had been declared state property, and the road could have been built on an easier route, says Goldstein, but the Israelis chose to take a more circuitous route to avoid having to cut through Nassar’s land. Stearns failed to report that because of the conflict over the land, the settlers decided to stop the road project “until the matter is clarified.”

The Truth Behind the Nassar’s Demolition Orders

In a June 2010 report from Missing Peace, “Demolition Orders and Co-Existence in Gush Etzion”,  it is reported Daoud received nine demolition orders from Israeli authorities. He claims “[Israel] is attempting to break his spirit; he is determined to to fight and conquer this (Israeli) evil.”

The statements and claims of Daoud Nassar call for further investigation. So Missing Peace contacted the Civil Administration in Israel, the mayor of Gush Etzion, Shaul Goldstein, as well as Palestinians living near Gush Etzion and the Nassar family. As a result of their investigation, it appears a lot of important information is missing from Nassar’s claims.

First, the demolition order was delivered to Daoud Nassar on May 28th, 2010. But the Israel Civil Administration (ICA) argues that the demolition only referred to illegal structures. So the demolition order, according to Nassar, had to to with adding of a structure with a solid roof. Nassar had built those structures adding to legally existing structures without obtaining a permit. So the demolition orders he has received were in fact the result of a court order handed down in 2006 in which the illegal structures were to be removed.

Second, Nassar is not the only one receiving demolition orders for illegal building. ICA officials issue between 10 to 15 demolition orders to Gush Etzion weekly, according to Mayor Goldstein. He just wants Nassar to follow the example of other inhabitants of Gush Etzion, to contest the demolition orders.

In addition, Goldstein rejected Nassar’s claims that Israeli settlers are treated differently from Palestinians by the ICA. Goldstein cited examples of Gush Etzion settlers who had to demolish structures in the absence of a permit. In addition, Shaul Goldstein added that demolition orders have been issued to the outpost Sde Boaz adjacent to Neve Daniel.

So where is the basis of Nassar’s claim that he is being treated differently simply because he is Palestinian? The Missing Peace article also goes into greater detail on the legality of the the claims of Palestinians farmers who claim land in Derech Avot. If the lands are state lands, their authorization will be considered, but if the buildings are situated on private lands, the inhabitants will be subject to having their demolition orders executed.

The Solution to End Nassar’s Conflict with Israelis

Nassar spoke to representatives from Missing Peace and sought their advice as to what he should do about the demolition orders. He was advised to replace the corrugated iron structures with reed mats. These types of structures are permitted to be built without having to gain permission from the ICA. Consequently, Nassar would be able to maintain the use of the land.

CAMERA reports that under the laws of the West Bank, the family never actually owned the land in question. In fact, the land laws are not even Israeli, but were passed on to Israel by previous rulers. The land laws are based on the Ottoman Land Code, and Israel was and is obligated to obey them under international laws (Article 43 of the Hague Regulations of 1947) to maintain the legal system in the territories, and to respect the laws in force in the country.

Under the Ottoman Land Code, there are two major categories of land: First, we have mulk “property”, which is private land. There is no need to cultivate such land to keep rights over it. So if the Nassar land is private, there was no need to cultivate it. But since they cultivated the land as a proof of ownership, they are suggesting the land is not private at all but belongs to the state.

The other category of land is miri, state land in which individuals gain limited rights by consistent cultivation. But the rights of such land is in no way equal to the rights to what is called private property. It is conditional ownership held by grant from the state.

What Nassar owns is land that is property of the state, and only reverts to the state if there is a failure to cultivate the land.  So the Nassar family never really owned the land in the first place, but held limited rights granted by the state as long as they cultivated the land.

This law has worked in the favor of the Palestinians since 1967. Since that time Palestinian farmers have been able to register state land in their own names in light of their own cultivation of the land.

The Truth About Nassar’s Bridge Building to Israelis

Nassar invites American Christians to his “Tent for All Nations”, being supported by groups from Germany and Switzerland. However,  it appears representatives from one nation in particular are missing from his inclusive list – Israel. When questioned by Missing Peace about his relationship with Israelis, Nassar said, “he had few or no affiliations.” Rather, he mentioned he was engaged with problems on a regular basis with Jewish people in his proximity. Yet when investigated further, these run-ins with nearby Jews dated back to incidents in the 90s and an incident during the Second Intifada in 2002.

Under his website banner of “Bridges to Peace,” Nassar has leaked out to various Christian websites stories about harassment and violence against his property committed by Jews in Gush Etzion. Oddly enough, the Mayor of Gush Etzion claims to have no knowledge of these incidents. Instead,  he explains, tens of Palestinian farmers work their land in the fields in the same area without any reports of violence or harassing incidents.

Nassar speaks out of both sides of his mouth when he speaks about the need for Israelis and Palestinians meeting to learn more about each other. Yet in his own backyard, he has failed to practice such acts of peaceful co-existence.

Is Nassar pulling the wool over the eyes of American Christians who travel to Israel to hear the Middle East conflict from the Palestinian side? Could it be that evangelicals are being hoodwinked by Palestinian propaganda perpetrated by the Nassar family in order to lure evangelicals away from supporting Israel?

Nassar has limited his contacts to people who are pro-Palestinian and with those who are opposed to the “occupation.” Jesus had much to say about religious people who only had contact with people just like them (Matthew 5:46-48) Nassar appears to be dishonest when he claims he wants co-existence and an end to the enmity between Palestinians and Israelis.

Gush Etzion’s mayor recalls co-existence projects in Gush Etzion where Israelis and Palestinians worked together on a daily basis. One example of this co-existence occurred in Beit Sakariyah, a Palestinian village located among the Israeli villages of Gush Etzion. There Palestinians are employed by Israelis at a garage and gas station in the area.

Even during the Second Intifada Israeli residents of Efrat, the largest settlement of Gush Etzion, assisted Palestinians with clothing and food. Nassar confessed he had no connection with this co-existence between Arabs and Jews in Gush Etzion.

According to Mayor Goldstein, “the actions of some peace activists and reporters have served to inflame tensions and undermine the efforts to build coexistence with his Arab neighbors.”

From the above statement it appears Nassar is misleading fellow Christian non-violent peace activists by his disregard for Israeli law and to test the Israeli ruling authorities for the sake of gaining publicity. Nassar’s behavior as Christian is confusing.

The Symbol of the Nassar Family

One can only imagine how the Nassar family’s plight has been used as a symbol of mistreatment of Palestinian families by the Israeli government.

His farm, located on a hill next to the Neve Daniel settlement, now called “The Tent of Nations” has become an attraction for tourists from other countries who travel to Israel on an “occupation fact finding mission”.

Now Daoud Nassar has taken his family’s plight into the spiritual realm which has captured the attention of American evangelical Christians.

“The Tent of Nations” has become a gathering place for Christians who seek peace in the Middle East and try to be both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli. Unfortunately, more and more Christian leaders and their flocks are being misled by the Nassars for lack of information.

Nassar’s claim “we refuse to be enemies” raises a lot of question. As a Palestinian Christian he desires not to be enemies with Israelis. So how much has he reached out to Israeli families to befriend them? On his website Nassar uses the slogan “People Building Bridges.” But has he reached out to Israeli families or only to Christians to gain support for his cause against Israel?

Is he taking advantage of what appears to be an unfair situation to persuade evangelical Christians into supporting him? Daoud wants Christians to see him as a real person rather than allow American Christians to stereotype him as a terrorist because he is Palestinian.

Summary of Nassar’s Claim to Conflict with Israelis

It’s not hard to see that Nassar has omitted important information in his statements about the demolition of his property by Israelis. In addition, he or his attorney Jonathan Kuttab, failed to explain the application of the Ottoman Land Code as it applies to the Nassar property.

Nassar would rather have American evangelical pawns believe untruths in order to gain their support.

Nassar’s Christian claims to desiring peace with Israelis lack substance and evidence. His proclamation of love for his enemies is absent in his actions.

As a Jewish person I have to ask why Christians who visited the Nassar family near the Gush Etzion settlement, did not also spend time visiting Israeli families to hear “the other side.” To return to America and repeat the falsehoods perpetrated by Daoud Nassar is deliberately distributing misinformation and contributing towards the delegitimization of Israel in Christian churches.

What I find most offensive is the fact the Nassars, as Christians, make no statements condemning the evil and terrorism that exists among their own people. Not a word spoken about Palestinian terrorism, suicide bombings, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the PLO or the al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades. Where is their Christians conscience against Palestinian terrorism against Israelis? Do they feel it is justified?

The Nassar family leave us with more unanswered questions than giving us answers to our many question about the Middle East conflict.

This post is a repost of a blog article by Louis Lapides posted June 2, 2011 on Thinking Outside the Blog.

22 Responses to “The Palestinian “Tent of Nations” Controversy”

  1. Just saying that you are a Jew doesn’t Always make you right! God even says Jews are a hard hearted and stiff necked people but when you have the Holy Spirits working within and looking forward to the appearing of Yeshuah hammashiah then you can be forgiven and join in the love and fellowship in the everlasting kingdom. To settle this disput–which book do they read? the Bible of christianity or the Koran? case closed! Shalom

    • Scripture Solutions says:

      Lester: I am not always right because I am a Jewish person. I’m not sure what you are saying but I am a Jewish person who has accepted Jesus as my Messiah and Lord. The only book that can be used is the Holy Bible. However, I would include books on the history of the Middle East Conflict so you can get a bigger picture and not base your information on snippets provided to all of us on the news media. Thanks for writing Lester.

      • Duel Delilah Walker-Temple says:

        As a Christian, please let me apologize for the ignorance of some very deceived brothers. satan has blinded their eyes too! There are many, many people in the US that support Israel and he Jewish people’s right to THEIR land, although as I look at the despicable shape the church in America is in, I see that it is becoming fewer and fewer. I, as well as several other people, argued in favor of Israel’s right to their land for days with people on the CATC2012 fb page, before they finally deleted everything and blocked us from it (no profanity, just Bible verses, I guess they didn’t like the Word being spoken to them). May God bless Israel and have mercy on America!

      • W. Burt says:

        I appreciate this article because of the depth of detail and research that went into it. As a Christian, I have always been (and always will be) a staunch supporter of Israel. When I recently learned of World Vision’s anti-Semitic views, I severed ties with that otherwise fine Christian organization. It deeply saddens me that both Western and Palestinian Christians continue to perpetuate the Satanic lies that Israel is an “occupier,” “oppressor” and an “aggressor,” painting the Palestinians as a downtrodden people. In point of the fact, most of the Palestinian Arabs voluntarily left Israeli territory at the request of the Arab powers during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, which was a naked and unprovoked assault upon the revived Jewish homeland by the surrounding Muslim nations. The evacuees were promised they could return after Israel’s defeat to plunder Jewish properties (as happened in other Arab nations when about 800,000 Jews were forcibly expelled from their own ancestral homes). Instead, the Israelis handily defeated their enemies, leaving the “Palestinians” homeless. They and their descendants are still largely homeless because other Arab nations refuse to absorb them, much less help them. The plight of the “Palestinians” could be vastly improved if they would recognize Israel’s right to exist, eschew terrorist acts and vote out Hamas/the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • GregG says:

      Thanks for publishing a well written and succinct analysis of the situation.

    • Evelyn Eliaz says:

      All the land clearly belongs to the Jewish people as described by the word of God. The land was promised to Abraham and his descendents and no one can break this promise given by God! I didn’t say this, God did. If you have a problem with this, then go to God and take it up with Him!

  2. comments11660 says:

    You come to me in Texas with 50 guns and dogs to steal my land and you’ll be met with not only armed resistance but armed and shooting resistance. I have always supported the right of Israel to be a nation where she stands not on religious but on the fact that Israeli’s took it in battle it is the way of nations to rise but it is also the way of nations to fall when they try to use force to steal an individuals property. Even the Israeli government honored this man’s claim back in 1924 according to this article. Israel you need to get control of your people who think they can stroll in and steal the Nasser’s land. Don’t come Texas and try that to steal my land! This so unrighteous on Israel’s part and I support Israel whole heartedly in their right to be a nation but not in this no way!

    • Scripture Solutions says:

      Having lived Dallas for three years, I have great respect for Texans! The situation with Daoud Nassar is not the same as coming on to his land and stealing it. Only certain structures whichhe built out of compliance with Israeli law were slated to be demolished. The same law applies to Israelis as well as I noted. The same is true in the US. You better check with the Department of Building and Safety before you start adding structures to your property to deal with zoning laws and building codes. Right? No one is stealing Nassar’s land. Also, if you read the history of the Six Day War Israel won a lot of land from Egypt, Syria and Jordan. All’s fair in love and war, right? I guess not. Israel gave back a lot of the land they won in the Six Day War only to be met with more hatred from Palestinians and a redoubled effort by Palestinians to drive the Jews into the sea. What you may not understand is that the Palestinian perspective is not about their right to what they perceive as land taken from them. The issue is the Palestinian agenda to drive the Jews out of Israel totally. Read the Hamas document. Yet on numerous occasions various Prime Ministers such as Ehud Barak was willing to give most of the West Bank to the Palestinians, pull out the settlers and give Gaza to the Palestinians, and the offer was rejected. Read the history and you’ll see. You have a saying in the Lone Star state, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Israel has the same motto only stated in a different way, “Never again!” Thanks for your comment.

      • Eric says:

        Don’t mess with Texas , For one thing Texas is one of the only states that does not have zoning laws , Zoning laws are equal to Islams shariah laws . You must have moved to Texas from one of the liberal states . When a state starts passing zoning laws for farmers they are stealing your rights , which could endup you losing your land . I think this Palestinian should plow up some public buildings to retalate . I generaly side with the Jews but not this time . Another thing the West bank is not Israel , I don’t mind the Israel Army being there to help keep the peace , but telling Arabs to tear down their buildings is bullshit . no wonder the Palestinians are so disturbed , Texans would be too

        • Scripture Solutions says:

          Eric: I think you reposted your previous post. Thanks anyway for posting your opinion. I strongly suggest you read Joan Peter’s book From Time Immemorial . She gives a well documented commentary on how the Jewish people purchased much of the land of Israel from Arab landowners fair and square. A lot of the land exchanged hands due to Arab wars against Israel. Check out the land purchase history and you will be surprised. Also, Peters provides detailed information on how the Israeli settlers trained Palestinians on how to irrigate their arid land and turn the holy land into a blossoming and fertile land. Who messed it up since that time is found in the history of the Middle East conflict. Can you find for me any attempt on the Palestinian part where they have initiated a peace pact and actually stuck to the pact? Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians, which remained under Egypt control until 1967 (why the Palestinians did not want Gaza back during Egyptian domination is an interesting question). And what have the Palestinians done with their newly acquired land? Used it as a launching pad for their attacks against Israel. How can anyone ignore the constant rocket bombardment from Palestinians on innocent Israelis and put the focus on these Palestinian farmers who disobey land laws that were in place prior to Israel or the Palestinians taking over the land? Sounds like the answer may be in reforming the land laws. Don’t you think? Israel is enforcing laws Palestinians have agreed to. If they don’t like the laws, change them. The PA should negotiate the land laws on behalf of their Palestinian citizens.

    • eric siverson says:

      I wish you were my neihbor , evidently water has never been on your land . If it had the goverenment will declare it a federal wetland and take the use of your land . evidently no protected animals or birds fly across your land . I don’t believe you Texans are as tough as you try to make out to be . Here in Minnesota the state protects animals on my private land , Kills those same animals on their land . You must not have endangered speces on your land , plant or animal .

      • Scripture Solutions says:

        I assume you are speaking to Eric because I am not a Texan and the only water I am near is the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Eric siverson says:

    I always side with the farmer , I know I’am prejudgist . I hate the State in evrey instance no matter what . So I see The Israel goverenment pulling a lot of normal legal goverenment land tricks . I know of no answers to this conflict accept terrorism . The Palestinians have committed enough terrorism . So that the Israel govorenment would gladly take all the legitimate rights away from the Jewish Settlers and give all the land back . If they could just stop the terrorism . It maybe to late now , but I don’t think so . Why not a Palestinian State that protects the rights of all muslims ,Jews and Christians . Now days all goverments are passing way too many land laws , that are more designed to control the people and strengthen the goverenment rather than protect the land . Nasser comes across as a legitimate Palestinian only asking for his god given rights . Yet the picture of his land and the city around it . makes this look more like a future developement project , not saving a family farm . There is allways a lot of permits and city codes around developement projects to discourage a farmer and allow some politicly connected developer to sorta horn his way into the profets .

    • Scripture Solutions says:

      Eric, thanks for your concern about the State vs. individual land rights. The case still stands around two key statements I included, “Israeli law that states Palestinian land that cannot be legally documented back to the Ottoman Empire (The Turks) which would be pre-1917, can be confiscated.” And ” In fact, the land laws are not even Israeli, but were passed on to Israel by previous rulers. The land laws are based on the Ottoman Land Code, and Israel was and is obligated to obey them under international laws (Article 43 of the Hague Regulations of 1947) to maintain the legal system in the territories, and to respect the laws in force in the country.” The Israelis cannot sin whether the enforce their own laws or support international laws. In additon, I noted in the blog that Israelis are affected by these laws as well. This is not directed solely at Palestinian individuals. However, I disagree that this situation gives the Palestinians permission to execute acts of terrorism. Remember, the Israelis gave Gaza to the Palestinians and in return, the Palestinians have used their newly gained land to launch attacks on Israel. Tis is why the West Bank has such a strong Israeli military presence. The Palestinian is given his God given rights under Israeli law as long as cultivates the land. That’s fair. Israel is not seeking to willy nilly grab land from Palestinian farmers – just work it. I refer you to a another blog I wrote about the fact Israeli settlers bought a large portion of the land pre-1948 from absentee Arab landowners. Click here. Thanks agains for your comments.

  4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your balanced, scriptural approach to this complex and highly emotional debate is much appreciated.

    Working for a ministry who does millions of aid into Israel each year–to Jew and Arab–the stories of Arabs coming to faith because of the love of Jewish people is seldom spoken of. Equally unheard are the plight of Arabs–Christian or Moslem–who are grateful for all Israel has done for them. The stories are powerful and speak to the love of Messiah coming through deeds of compassion. I’m fortunate to know of these wonders, most will never know.

  5. GregG says:

    Lester, thanks for publishing a well written and succinct analysis of the situation.

  6. It’s always amazing how Israel and its spokespersons invariably provide facts for their side, while their enemies often make criticisms, allegations and frankly, false accusations and lies. Substance versus lack of substance.

    But this isn’t the amazing part, which is that the world believes those who are manifestly without substance and denies Israel and Jews the truth and justice of their cause.

  7. Eric says:

    There always has been something special about land . It is the foundation for all life . old sayings like she does not have grounds , or he can’t hold his own ground . Historicaly if you don’t have grounds you don’t have rights . Talking about education oppertunities or even healthcare are meaningless to a person that hss no rights . Shariah law subtract the rights from evreyone that is not a muslim . Israel zoning laws attempt to subtract the rights of individuals for the benifit of the entire Jewish community . Seems to me Jews living in the West bank should concentrate on defeating Shariah law rather than trying to impose their own laws on the palestinians that have been living for a long time .

    • Scripture Solutions says:

      Eric: thanks for the continuing discussion. Hey, I’m not messing with Texas. I lived there and traveled the wide open spaces and fields of Texas for three years. Got a soft spot in my heart for all the good people and great times I had in Texas. In response to your comment, I wanted to add that Jordan was in control of the West Bank from 1948-1967. The Palestinian had 19 long years for statehood while they were under the supervision of a friendly nation. Why didn’t they go for statehood and develop the land they “so cherished.” Eric, they don’t want the land to build and develop it agriculturally. They want it to use as a strategic launching pad. Think of a terrorist group taking over Ft. Worth with its proximity to Dallas and the Ft. Worth terrorist keep firing rockets into Big D. The people in Dallas would do everything they could to get the Ft. Worth terrorist removed and place a military presence there.
      As I mentioned before, when Israel’s early settlers bought land from the Arab landowners prior to 1948 as documented in Joan Peter’s book From Time Immemorial, they worked the land and taught local Palestinians agricultural skills. The Palestinians and the Israeli settlers got along. Israelis gave them jobs. Even as the state of Israel developed Arabs held office in the Israeli government, served in the IDF and were invited since 1959 to join Israel’s largest union Histadrut. WOuld the Palestinians give Israelis living in Palestinian territories that kind of rights? In response to all this, the Arab nations attacked Israel and messed things up for the Palestinians who they “cared about” so much. Read about the historical relationship between Arab nations and Israel. Arab nations deny Israel’s right to exist. You want to talk about land rights. How about the Arab’s commitment to kick Israel out of the land?
      Finally, where is the Palestinian commitment to develop the land they already own? Look at a satellite map of Gaza, Outside Gaza City it looks like a crap hole. Where is their commitment to develop the land they love so much? All they do is use the land to smuggle arms in from Egypt to attack Israel. Eric, the Palestinians have all of Gaza. Israel pulled out of Gaza. They left beautiful settlements; modern suburban communities which were destroyed by the Palestinians. The bottom line is that the Palestinians are not committed to land development as much as they are committed to driving Israelis out of the holy land. I see nothing different outside their useless rhetoric.
      To defeat Shariah law is not the job of Israel but the task of the Palestinians living in the territories. However. these poor souls have no rights to criticize their terrorist Islamic government. They only have the right to attack Israel in their exercise of “freedom of speech.”
      Eric, take the last word if you want. Thanks for the dialogue.

  8. Scripture Solutions says:

    Thanks for linking the Zionist Report: The Conspiracy Against Zion to ScriptureSolutions. Look for a lot of other similar posts on my other blog Thinking Outside the Blog.

  9. Scripture Solutions says:

    Thanks for linking Proclaiming Justice to the Nations to ScriptureSolutions. I am familiar with your work and with Laurie Moore. Thanks for all your support of Israel and for speaking forth about the CATC2012 conference at Bethlehem Bible College.


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