In addition to providing his expository sermons, ScriptureSolutions is a publishing resource for several books written by author Louis Lapides.  Besides many published articles and several blogs such as ThinkingOutsidetheBlog, Louis has published several books that are available at Amazon.

Louis writes on apologetic topics that relate to Christian issues as well as messianic Jewish topics that are of great concern to all followers of Jesus.  Readers who are interested in Louis’ testimony can read Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Christ. In the chapter that discusses Louis’ testimony Strobel consulted with Louis on messianic prophecy and several objections Jewish people raise towards Christianity.

In  the near future Louis plans to write several books that address the current anti-Israel movement that has infiltrated the evangelical church. Louis feels that while many historical inaccuracies about the Middle East conflict are being espoused by evangelical anti-Zionists, his expertise drives him to address the theological issues that center on God’s purposes and promises to the nation Israel.  Be on the look out for Louis next publications that will be a great resource for counteracting replacement theology and all those who diminish God’s promises to the Jewish people.


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