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Louis Lapides, a Jewish believer in Jesus, taught biblical studies at BIOLA University focusing on Old Testament history and New Testament theology. He also worked as an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Seminars teaching Old and New Testament seminars in churches throughout the United States and Canada

Louis Lapides headshotLapides has been featured as a Christian spokesperson on several national radio and television talk shows such as Dennis Prager’s Religion on the Line on KABC radio in Los Angeles. He also appeared as a guest on several talk shows on KKLA Christian radio in the LA market.

He is included as a Messianic Prophecy expert in Lee Strobel’s national best seller The Case For Christ. Also featured in Strobel’s book is a detailed account of Louis’ journey as a young Jewish man who was seeking for spiritual meaning in life and found Jesus to be the Messiah and Redeemer of Israel and the world.

Louis served as Sr. Pastor and founder of Beth Ariel Fellowship in Sherman Oaks, CA. From several decades of serving the Lord at his congregation, Lapides has delivered hundreds of biblical messages on a myriad of relevant topics. In light of his love of the Scriptures, he has focused on expository preaching in which the Word of God takes center stage. Furthermore, Louis seeks to make the Bible relevant to Jewish people who have had minimal or no exposure to the New Testament. His sermons span the Bible delving into both Old and New Testaments.

For several years Louis worked as a writer/blogger with radio host and musician John Tesh. While working for John, Louis learned social media networking skills as a marketing tool in the entertainment field.

Louis Lapides was born and raised in Newark, N.J. He considers himself an “East Coast guy” but has made his home in Southern California with his wife Kathryn. He has two sons, Jonathan and Justin.

During the Vietnam war, Louis served in the U.S. Army. Upon his return to the U.S., he left New Jersey for the sunny shores of California. He studied photography at LA Art Center. When he accepted Jesus as his Messiah and Lord, Louis entered the ministry and prepared for his calling by earning a B.A. in religion at Dallas Baptist University and two master degrees in Old Testament and Semitics at Talbot Theological Seminary.

Louis’ passion is for learning the truths of God’s word and delivering his research on a level where people can grasp the meaning of the Scriptures. He also enjoys writing columns and blogs on the Internet regarding current world and national events, the impact of our culture and the significance of political events for our times.

A quick Google of “Louis Lapides” reveals the vast amount of articles and blogs he has contributed on the Internet. in his writing Louis aims to help people untangle complex issues and to stay current on spiritual matters.




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